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Least-privilege authorization for enterprise stacks

Ensure users and software have the rights they need, when they need them.

No more. No less.

  • Applications
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Identity
  • Containers
  • Databases
  • Servers

Too many permissions are an unacceptable security risk. Too few, and your development will not be agile.

Styra Enterprise Authorization Service (EAS) codifies and dynamically enforces access based on data-driven context.

  • Assign production access to on-call engineers
  • Elevate rights during emergencies
  • Automate data privacy controls

Know who can do what right now, who did what over time, and where your authorization can be revised to attain least-privilege.
Single control plane
Manage authorization policies, contextual data sources, and enforcement automation for your entire organization in one place.
Make authorization a first-class resource with a coherent life cycle and a common toolset for legal, operational, financial, and security requirements.
Distributed enforcement
Whether you use our REST API, run agents alongside your services, or embed directly in your Go binary, your policies and data will be there when you need them.